Does Coffee Stunt Your Growth?

Coffee Stunt Growth

Studies have been carried out on drinks and foods including coffee trying to come out with the connection such have on heart diseases, infertility, cancer and other problems which affect crucial body parts.

A research on coffee causing stunt growth has not yet been conducted although this is a very common belief.

Are there any scientific findings of coffee causing stunt growth?

Apparently, there exists no valid scientific evidence which suggests that coffee can lead to the growth of a person becoming stunt.

The belief is probably rooted from the fact that coffee leads to a condition called osteoporosis which is a condition associated with height loss.

However, blaming coffee to cause height loss as a result of osteoporosis is very wrong because:

  1. Coffee is not the cause of the condition osteoporosis.
  2. In real sense, osteoporosis leads not to someone becoming short.

Another fact which proves this belief false is that it is well known that most of the person’s growth occurs at quite early age and at that age, most of individuals are not even heavy and frequent drinkers of coffee.

Actually for most people, at their teenage they always have got to the maximum height they can grow up to.

For instance, ladies at 15 years to 17 years already are at their full height and although boys take some time it is not that long.

And once the bone has grown, it is very impossible to undo the growth.

Some years back, a study proved that people who take coffee were at a higher chance of getting osteoporosis.

This was supported by the following facts:

  • Caffeine which is also a component in coffee results in increase in elimination by the body of calcium.
  • Lack or low calcium amounts in the body may contribute to osteoporosis.

It’s after this finding that most coffee drinkers were thought to be at a higher risk of suffering osteoporosis.

However, caffeine’s effect on excretion of calcium is very minimal.

Therefore, it is never certain that coffee taking and osteoporosis have some connection.

The study’s results were kind off linked to the condition under the argument that, coffee drinkers consume less milk as well as other beverages which have calcium.

It is due to this dietary intake where calcium is low that probably leads to osteoporosis.


Which are the actual causes of losing height?

Once osteoporosis is combined with fractures compression, this may result in reduction of height by adults.

As well in absence of osteoporosis it is possible to lose weight.

The discs below and above almost all spinal bones called vertebrae always contain water.

As you age, these bones loose the water.

Therefore, they may degenerate then compress somehow wit time.

If the effect extends to quite some good number of the bones, losing measurable height may be noted with time.


Another height loss cause is spine curvature also called scoliosis or else forward bending of your spine a condition called kyphosis.

These two conditions are caused by osteoporosis for adults and kids they are caused by developmental abnormalities.

For coffee consumption on height loss, the only connection comes in less intake of calcium rich beverages.

And also since it is clear persons suffering spine osteoporosis experience height loss, it is always due to fractures but not osteoporosis itself.


Risks associated with coffee intake

Coffee drinking studies have not being able to identify major risks that come along with its intake.

But for some people, coffee intake may result in slight blood pressure elevation, jittery feeling and insomnia.


Additionally, consuming coffee in excess is associated with miscarriage and infertility.

However, if one withdraws from taking caffeine, they may suffer heartburn at worst or headache.



Coffee consumption is accompanied by some significant benefits but it never causes growth to be stunt.

As a matter of fact, height is a genetic factor as well as care during growth.

Your genes will get you the right height if dietary intake does not favor osteoporosis development and not coffee intake.


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